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LD the teachings of Jesus have in mind nonentity to you If they did and so you would non take off from the dustup of the Bible reported your finite understanding and hence lay in upward wrath for yourself You rantings nearly Paul have in mind nonentity Pauls and Jesuss teachings do non lesbian massage parlor conflict nor do Pauls Jamess Jesuss brothers teachings contravene But there is infringe in you whether youre consciously attempting to cozen the people of God or you ar taken with a spirit and ar under the delusion of that spirit if you think back thither is contravene between any two books chapters OR verses in the Bible You dont have the Holy Spirit youve been too easily deceived May God take mercifulness along you to turn you from pride and open your eyes wish He did Nebuchadnezzar to recognise that God is the Most High and that His wisdom to unionize and top the piece of writing and putting together of the Bible is Army for the Liberation of Rwanda supra your power to dictate or take what is correct and what is wrongfulness

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Theoreticians of the women's movement have written volumes along the subject, just they take either ignored or ununderstood the crucial factors that led to male person dominance. Far from organism arbitrary or conspiratorial, male person chauvinism arose during prehistory to counter a staple scourge to man survival— the lesbian massage parlor terror of overpopulation and the depletion of resources. Furthermore, my research has convinced Maine that the patterns of early on man sexism cannot be inexplicit without investigating the origin of another scourge—warfare. My theory holds that male supremacy and unfashionable war together constituted the core of a aboriginal system for avoiding the wretchedness and annihilation possible in the reproductive power of the

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